Anglesey - Crusader Knife

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This fighting knife is named after the Welsh Crusaders whom were known for their courage, skill and devotion to God.
The CRUSADER is an everyday carry that comes with an retention sheath that provides several different platforms. The internal belt/pants UltiClip lock enables cantering of the CRUSADER for maximum comfort and "Velox" of extraction. The same sheath supports a unique ambidextrous gear mounting plate allowing for such products as Blade-Tech Generation 3 Molle Lok to be attached an worn in many different positions, on kits, vests, back packs, slings and belts. Field tested by Special Ops Teams for design, speed and strength. All weather 440C stainless steel blade, hardened to 58-60 providing for easy field maintenance.
Grips: G-10
Length: 8.5 inches
Weight: 5 ounces