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Herbal Tea

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  • Sun God Herbal Tea Airmed Apetite


    Airmed Loss of Appetite Herbal Tea Increasing your appetite can be a tricky business, but this organic tea uses stimulating tonics called bitters to affect the central nervous system, which signals the gut to release digestive hormones that stimulate...

  • Sun God Herbal Tea Airmed Nausea


    Airmed Nausea Herbal Tea This soothing tea is blended with nauseous tummies in mind. Herbs like peppermint and catnip may help ease discomfort associated with occasional stomach upset and indigestion, while also helping it to recover. Have a cup...

  • Sun God Herbal Tea Hercules Muscle Spasm


    Hercules Muscle Ease Herbal Tea Take back your strength! The herbs in this relaxing tea are blended with ingredients traditionally used by herbalists seeking their gentle antispasmodic effects, and to nourish and calm the brain and central...

  • Sun God Herbal Tea Heka Anxiety & Stress


    Heka Anxiety & Stress Herbal Tea This relaxing tea may help calm the nervous system, while also helping to restore its strength. Herbs like oatstraw and skullcap may ease feelings of worry or fear and allow you to focus on relieving stress!...

  • Sun God Herbal Tea Heka Happy


    Heka Happy Herbal Tea This delightfully uplifting tea is intended to promote emotional well-being throughout the day. Herbs like peppermint, calendula, and lemon balm may help give a stimulating boost to mind and body. Have a cup of this tea...

  • Sun God Herbal Tea Eir Menopause


    Eir Menopause Herbal Tea Feel like yourself again with a cup or two of this nourishing tea. The herbs in this blend are chosen for their hormone balancing properties, as well as support of the female reproductive system. This blend may help ease the...

  • Sun God Herbal Tea Eir Moon Tea


    Eir Moon Herbal Tea This comforting tea blend may help provide relief from occasional cramps and discomfort that come along with moontime. Chosen to support the reproductive system, these herbs are gentle and protective and may help tone uterine...

  • Sun God Herbal Tea Panacea Detox


    Panacea Detox Herbal Tea This cleansing tea is blended with ingredients traditionally used by herbalists to help the body with the detoxification process, as well as to replenish vital nutrients that may be lost. May balance the body and help support...

  • Sun God Herbal Tea Panacea Essiac


    Panacea Essiac Herbal Tea This herbal tea blend is formulated with ingredients traditionally used by herbalists to help the body stay in its best shape by assisting in the natural processes of the body's systems. These herbs may help the body...