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Incense & Burners

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  • Incense of the West - Teepee Burner


    A miniature version of the iconic structure used by the Native Americans & Canadians of the Great Plains, the Incienso Teepee Burner is a unique and fun way to make your entire house smell amazing! Comes with 20 Count Box of Piñon...

  • Incienso Cedar Incense Bricks Incienso Cedar Incense Bricks - 2

    Incense of the West - Cedar Incense Bricks


    Cedar is one of the most popular fire woods in the U.S., and for good reason, it smells amazing. The Incienso Cedar Incense Bricks have an amazing cleansing fragrance that can be used to purify a new home and make any space feel welcoming! 40 Count...

  • Incienso Seven Scent Sampler

    Incense of the West - Seven Scent Sampler


    Don't know what fragrance you want to get? Snag the Incienso Seven Scent Sampler and try them all! Comes with one holder Includes 70 Incense Bricks 10 Bricks each of Piñon, Cedar, Juniper, Hickory, Alder, Mesquite & Fir Balsam

  • Incense of the West - Log Cabin Burner


    Can't afford that dreamy log cabin in the woods you've always wanted? Grab the Incienso Log Cabin Burner in the meantime and let the piñon scent drift you off into your idyllic woodsy cabin that you've always been dreaming of. Comes with one 20...

  • Incienso Piñon Incense Bricks Incienso Piñon Incense Bricks - 2

    Incense of the West - Piñon Incense Bricks


    The Piñon Pine has a unique scent that evokes a strong wintertime southwestern feeling. Incienso's most popular scent, the Incienso Piñon Incense Bricks will likely be one of your all time favorites! 40 Count Box Best described as...