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Our Team

Patrick Sparber, Graphics Production Guru


 A native Oregonian, Patrick moved to Alaska just to try something different. He liked it there but ultimately decided to return home, accompanied by a new addition to his family, his son Juda

When not in the backroom at Scout, creating original or by order window graphics, large format printing and vinyl cutting, Patrick enjoys exploring the outdoors with his rescued border collie/ Australian shepherd mix Sulu and usually Judah, who is now in his late teens. 

 Initially working for the Black’s part time when they were doing graphics installations, the company’s rapid growth soon had Patrick working full time.

 “With all the irons I have in the fire, I usually come in, get juiced up on coffee, fire up the printer and go till the end of the day. There’s always something new; the company is growing so fast it’s making my head spin.” 

Marena Bella Rose Canese, Handler

scout-marena-1.jpgAnyone looking to practice another language should meet Marena, who in addition to English speaks Spanish, French and Czech and can understand Polish, Russian and some Croatian thanks to a summer vacation in Croatia, where she found few English speakers so had to learn how to communicate in different languages quickly

Her main overseas experience, however, came when American born Marena moved to Prague to earn a Masters in International Business Management, returning six years later when daughter Isabella Rose was born. “I wanted to be closer to family (i.e. free babysitters).”

Marena is looking forward to using many of the outdoor products at Scout Northwest with her daughter.

“I’m waiting for the day when she’s old enough to go camping. I want to be one of those parent’s that’s having so much fun with my kid that it’s a little bit annoying.”

Lila Black, Wildcard

scout-lila-1.jpgAs one of Gitl and Jerome’s kids, Lila’s has spent time in many of these United States, starting in Phoenix, AZ, but her favorite so far is definitely Oregon. 

After attending business college for a few terms, she decided to get practical experience by working in a surf shop until her parents opened Scout Northwest, where she’s been ever since, helping where needed and being part of choosing inventory for the stores.

“When I was a kid I would walk thought the mall and think, ‘I want my own store someday,’ but I never thought it would happen.”

When not helping stock the store, she enjoys playing bass, practicing photography, indulging in outdoor activities like fishing and hiking and collecting vinyl, including a signed album from Milky Chance that she prizes.

Madison Baete

scout-madison2-1.jpgA true Lincoln City local, the Taft High School graduate got as far away from home as Bend, but wasn’t terribly sad to return home when the friend she had moved with decided to leave.

Jobless at first after roughly four months away, a chance encounter led to a job she loves.

“I’m friends with Lila Black and saw her dad at the gym,” she said. “I overheard him saying they needed a new employee so I texted Lila and told her I was looking for a job. I’m so glad they hired me”

Returning home also reunited her with Cricket, a Chihuahua weiner mix that came as a surprise from her parents after after she had almost given up relentlessly bugging them for one.

“I kept asking for a dog so my mom would make me walk outside with just an empty leash in the rain to make sure I would be responsible. Guess it worked.”

Tim Douglass, Social media content geek

scouttim1-1.jpg If you follow Scout Northwest on Instagram, you are seeing the talents of “Big TIm" Douglass. With an extensive background in film and video, Tim is used to capturing shots of people playing outside in the PNW. Tim’s work has been published in magazines, including Snowboarder, the magazine that showcases his favorite sport.

“I’ve been snowboarding for many years. It’s where I really got my start with photography and video. I also started the Mt. Hood Riders website; when I filmed my first snowboarding event after having been away a few years, some kids came up and thanked me for starting it. It almost made me cry.”

Tim lives with girlfriend Sarah Howe and their two dogs: a pit bull mix rescue named Elizabeth, and a Samoyed named Ludo. Though his personal Instagram account is relatively quiet, mostly pictures of Ludo, he loves filling the feed of the Scout NW account. Wanna be a part of it? Use #scoutnorthwest on your photos and you might get reposted.

Hero Zacarias

scout-hedo-final.jpgHelping a friend move gave Hedo more than karma points and a sore back, it changed the direction of his life when he agreed to do some modeling for the place his friend Marena worked, Scout Northwest.

“Our outdoor shoots are more like a fun hiking trip and we just get some nice pictures while we're there.’”

Of Spanish and Navaho descent, Hedo’s Native American heritage is very important: “When my Mom got mad at us kids she would yell at us in her native tongue, so I feel like learning the language is right there, I just need to study.” 

Originally considering culinary work, a few months at the Bay House through the Taft High School culinary program, though a great experience, helped him realize that isn’t a career for him. Instead, developing new skills at Scout, like t-shirt pressing, are pointing the way forward.

“Instead of just paying me to model their products they hooked me up with a job, which is way better. I want to see how far I can go with this.”

Dylan Crawford 

scout-dylan-1.jpgYou could say Dylan, who sings and plays guitar, is both moved by and moves for music. He grew up in central Idaho, which prepared him well for living on the Oregon coast, but not for the stops he made before getting here: Boston, and Sacramento. 

In Boston, where Dylan attended the Berkeley College of Music, he cofounded the band Massive Delicious and it was with this band that he moved to the west coast. Once in California, he joined up with the band Zuhg, who’s members have been slowly migrating north to Lincoln City.

“I came here for the band but also because I was ready to get away from the city life. I get a lot of inspiration from nature and the ocean, so it’s a much better place for writing music.”

He may not have that much time though; with Zuhg, as a duo with fellow Zuhg musician Brian Nichols and also as a solo act, Dylan is fully booked through the summer. Look him up on Facebook to get the word on where and when you can catch him live.